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  • The range has a maximum shooting distance of 17 yards

  • The range has 15 shooting lanes.

  • The range is rated up to .500 for pistol and .300 Win mag for high velocity rifle    

  • Steel core, Armor piercing, Explosive, Incendiary or Tracer rounds are prohibited.

  • The ventilation system is a negative pressure 100% fresh air exchange that completes an air change approximately once per minute

Firearms and Ammunition

  • Pistols - up to .500 S&W is allowed

  • Rifles (Up to 2000 FPS) .50 caliber are allowed

  • Rifle (Over 2000 FPS) .300 Win. Mag. caliber maximum is allowed

  • Shotgun slugs are allowed (no birdshot or buckshot)

  • Shotguns without a shoulder stock (i.e. pistol grip and shockwaves) are prohibited

Gun Rentals

  • Must be 18 or older to rent rifles

  • Must be 21 or older with a valid NYS pistol permit or LE credentials to rent handguns.

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